Off To a Good Start

As health insurance costs around the United States continue to spiral upward, more corporations than ever before are implementing employee wellness programs to help combat costly health issues before they can deplete the workforce. Since many employees have at least minor health issues, today’s employee wellness specialists are trying to provide healthy activity and education so these minor issues don’t develop into major health issues, thus costing the company valued employees. The education is most of the battle, and using leaflets, pamphlets, videos, and instructors to teach staff how to eat well, remove stressors, shed pounds, and exercise properly can create a renewed interest among workers.

Employees have access to a variety of options for employee wellness programs. These programs can offer moral support to those employees who are having a hard time establishing new and healthier habits, and this support system can prevent relapse into negative habits as well. Truly, there is no way to overestimate the power of a support team for those struggling with health or weight issues, and this may be the most reliable way of garnering success for any fitness program for employees.

It is crucial to make the staff feel like they have say in the program and the options that are available. Many corporations will have a staff meeting on a regular basis to discuss the wellness programs, go over improvements or problems, and share success stories. This has a two-fold effect – it offers employees a chance to air their ideas and complaints rather than simmering in quiet, and it brings employer and employee together for a mutually beneficial program. In addition, it can spread the seed of physical fitness and may motivate previously disinterested staff into learning more and even participating.

Since any health or wellness program does require an investment, it is important that the program is well thought out from the very beginning in order to reduce costs and miscommunication. Have an idea of the availability of the program, decide on the location, the incentives or even the health screenings or education programs that will be available to the staff. Getting off to a good start can ensure a good ending, and you may be able to reduce your costs for the program simply by reviewing the outline of the plan well before the actual inception of the wellness program.