Health Care is Changing

Change is inevitable, especially in dealing with the changes in medical benefits, employee health and satisfaction, and worker’s compensation costs.

Clinical Health Appraisals (CHA) has been a provider of on-site wellness screenings services since 1992. CHA provides services in the convenience of your workplace, offering a variety of preventative health screenings and educational programs. Our primary goal is for our clients to practice a healthy daily lifestyle. Our screenings are convenient and efficient, preventing your employee from taking considerable time off from their work day.

When you choose CHA to provide your wellness screenings, you are choosing a company with passionate professionals who provide accurate screenings results along with education on how to improve overall wellness. Our team is friendly, able to relate to your employees, and cares about your employee’s health.

Your company will benefit from:

  • Minimal turnover rate and increased recruitment
  • Improved individual health and corporate morale
  • A stronger corporate and workplace bond
  • Lower Workers' Compensation Insurance rates as a result of fewer job injuries

We accomplish these favorable goals by offering:

  • Convenient wellness screenings and fitness evaluations with health education
  • Flu shots and other vaccinations to keep your employees healthy
  • Health awareness seminars like nutrition, fitness, and stress management

Clinical Health Appraisals is a business that is very flexible, easy to contact, and will accommodate the personal needs of our clients. We aim to provide to all our clients excellent customer service.