Improving Workplace Moral

Designing Targeted Wellness Programs

As a success-driven business owner, you realize that committing to the implementation of wellness program for employees is not only about preserving your bottom line. By investing in the health of your employees, you have seen the correlation between improved individual health and corporate morale.

Focus On The Bigger Picture

The most important thing to do when instituting any new practice is to first identify and strategize your primary goal. If your initial goal is to decrease expenditures on health related costs then you must compile statistics on the major health issues plaguing employees. By working closely with an experienced on-site wellness programming company such as Clinical Health Appraisals, you then can provide innovative, practical, high-quality programs that allow your company the opportunity to enhance and improve the quality of the life of your staff.

Targeted Health Appraisals

For instance, let’s say that many health insurance-related expenses seem to stem from treatment of high blood pressure. Clinical Health Appraisals would promote employee participation in high blood pressure screenings set up in a relaxing, comfortable environment. After a brief discussion about the dangers of high blood pressure, the lifestyle choices that contribute to it, and the negative impact it can have on a person’s mental, physical, and professional well being, a skilled doctor, nurse, or technician can recommend some lifestyle changes that would promote healthy habits.

Another example of a targeted health appraisal would be to institute a smoking cessation program. The removal of ashtrays and butt receptacles on company premises, posting signs touting the benefits of healthy lung function, and offering incentives to workers who quit are great ways to encourage healthy lifestyle changes.