Wellness For Corporations

In an age when high percentages of American workers are at risk for certain cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other ailments, employers are instituting corporate wellness programs that are geared towards improving the lives of their employees. Poor lifestyle choices of employees have direct consequences on their jobs. Rising costs of insurance adversely affect the bottom line. As employees use up their sick days and take time off from work to go to doctor’s appointments, employers are facing the rising costs of high insurance claims for chronic illness.

The Wellness Solution

One way to combat these high claims is to offer wellness-oriented initiatives designed to educate employees on the dangers of poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, and addictive behaviors such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. When employees are committed to engaging in healthy lifestyle choices, their work improves as well as the overall quality of their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Encouragement Is Key

Corporate sponsored wellness programs, once implemented, have been shown to actively encourage employees to pursue healthy habits. Company-wide weight loss competitions are friendly, incentive-driven races to see who can lose the most pounds in an allotted time frame. Not only do these competitions hold participating employees accountable for their nutrition and exercise regimen, they foster a sense of community and togetherness, as employees are working towards one common goal: being fit.

Making The Nutrition Connection

Swapping out salty, high caloric snacks from break room vending machines and offering health conscious fare is also a good way for corporations to encourage wellness. Sugary snacks have been linked to low productivity and sluggishness. Almonds, sunflower seeds, granola bars, and fruit-infused water are high-energy, low-caloric alternatives to the sugar-laden "pick me ups" employees seek out during break times. A few inexpensive changes to the options offered by employers can go a long way in promoting wellness.

Partnerships With Professionals

On-site health screenings organized by experienced companies such as Clinical Health Appraisals are another way employers can improve the lifestyle of their employees while protecting the bottom line. Clinical Health Appraisals will partner with corporations to provide targeted initiatives based on employee demographic and employer concerns. This partnership between qualified health professionals and corporations can work together to pinpoint risk factors and create specialized programs and activities to thwart those health hazards.