Wellness Oriented Community

Residents of Elk Grove, CA, enjoy high-quality shopping excursions, family-friendly special events, and an impressive outdoor trail system. With the title “the second-fastest-growing area in the region and California’s first new City of the 21st Century,” and the aforementioned perks, it is no wonder Elk Grove has been a peak destination for professionals.

Wellness Programs Positively Impact Residents of Elk Grove

As career-minded professionals flock to Elk Grove for employment opportunities, businesses have instituted wellness programs to keep Elk Grove a desirable location for work and play. These wellness programs focus on appealing to a demographic looking to put down roots.

The Benefits of Establishing a Business in this Quintessential California Town

With more corporations looking to expand, they often look towards cities like Elk Grove that boast a bold entrepreneurial spirit and highly-skilled workplace. By offering wellness incentives, employers are more likely to recruit top-quality candidates seeking employment opportunities with companies that share similar ideals and concerns.

A Great Place To Live and Work

As the people of Elk Grove can attest, the location, schools, gathering places and local businesses combine to create a quality of life that make us a sought after place to live and work. When businesses invest in their employees by offering wellness incentives, they are recognizing the needs and interests of the community.

Wellness Programs Increase Profitability

The residents of Elk Grove, CA, have access to quality health care from outstanding medical facilities and offices. But with the rising cost of deductibles, prescriptions, co-pays and health care premiums, employers and employees are looking to find ways to prevent incurring those exorbitant health care bills.

A Basic Wellness Plan Model

A wellness plan initiative is something businesses can implement to attract employees; instituting three month-long objectives will eventually lead to increased productivity and profitability.

Wellness At Work

Encouraging employees to use fifteen minutes of their allotted lunch breaks to complete a brisk walk around the parking lot will boost energy and establish camaraderie between departments. Research has shown that taking a brisk walk for even fifteen minutes each day will drastically cut a person’s risk for developing certain illnesses such as heart disease.

Health screenings for high blood pressure is also another way businesses can appeal to the working professionals of Elk Grove. By partnering with an established company like Clinical Health Appraisals, corporations are able to set up mini information clinics that educate employees on lifestyle changes that can positively impact their health while testing for potentially dangerous conditions.

By investing in employees' health, corporations are actively increasing work productivity while reducing absenteeism. With incentives such as these, it is no wonder the residents of sunny Elk Grove, CA, are voting it one of the best places to be healthy in the United States.